Simio LLC is a private company headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania dedicated to delivering leading edge solutions for the design, emulation, and scheduling of complex systems. Simio® was founded by a highly experienced team. C. Dennis Pegden, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Simio LLC, has over 30 years of experience in simulation and scheduling and has been widely recognized as an industry leader. He led in the development of SLAM (marketed by Pritsker and Associates) and then founded Systems Modelling Corporation, now part of Rockwell Automation. Dennis led the creation of the market-leading simulation products SIMAN® and Arena®, as well as the finite capacity scheduling product Tempo (later renamed RS Scheduler).

Many of the same team members who brought Arena to market and a long line of industry breakthroughs have now focused their efforts on creating the next generation of simulation tools leading to the introduction of Simio. This very talented team is bringing to bear an additional 100+ years of combined simulation experience to provide you with the best possible suite of simulation and scheduling tools.

AxSim Solutions Ltd. is an Authorised Simio Representative in the UK


Jigsaw is a network of experienced, independent management consultants specialising in the application of predictive modelling and analytics to support business planning and decision making. Jigsaw’s strength is its ability to tap a wide pool of expertise and provide a professional consultancy service, tailored to the client’s needs, without the overheads of a large organisation. This means that we offer exceptional value for money.

We help our clients with:

  • Exploring business problems and opportunities so that new business solutions can be identified
  • Gaining insights from data and discovering opportunities from those insights
  • Understanding the effects of changes to their business and the business environment, and thus making robust plans in the face of uncertainty
  • Improving business performance and building the capability to keep improving themselves
  • Making the best decisions in complex circumstances, where there is a need to justify the decision, defend it against challenges, and to ensure the quality of the decision making process

AxSim’s Director, Kevin Sheehy is a member of Jigsaw Consultants


Process Evolution is a limited company based in Worcestershire established in 2004 primarily to help the Emergency Services tackle the challenges posed by time-dependent and variable demand in calls for service. Consulting led, Process Evolution have also developed a thriving software business through supplying clients with software tools that used in the delivery of consulting assignments. Their experience allied to the evidence-based tools developed help to accurately diagnose and model organisations so that their performance and efficiency can be optimised whilst accurately predicting the impact of change prior to implementation.